Akiyama tire

The gathering of autumn, orange little shy, Castle Peak water, by the china. Autumn, always follow shadow with sorrow, “autumn autumn autumn Sharen,” one hundred years of sadness mourning cool; “million in autumn often sojourns, energy-saving,” don’t finish the solitary and desolate melancholy. In fact, spring hate autumn sad from Jalan, spring to autumn, no matter how the years vicissitudes, the passions are the inner peace of mind through ups and downs, with a thin one, life natural moist quiet. I was loved “every autumn sad lonely since ancient times, I made the spring towards autumn wins” such words poem of autumn, the autumn of August, in Liu Mengde’s pen full color under, do not lose a spring. Castle Peak is not old, in the makeup time rouge, Qiao smile on, Yan Zi Shen Yu, more mature and moving charm.

Autumn Lang on gas, like wearing the morning dew, stepping on the scattered Kun Huang Huaye, Ling top leisurely exhibition of small hills. “Rustling” music awakened all, everyone has a natural performer, a foot of a note, a piece of a masterpiece. On the top of the hill, breathe the morning breeze, the troubles and worries are buried in the void, leaving only a thorough heart fresh. At this moment, can not envy the implicit Geng Tao Yuanming Nanshan, picking a chrysanthemum, life is slightly embarrassed, how terrible a happy mood. Fame and fortune in this world, profit is not the life lead singer, hee hee Lee, and profits go to Li Zi, led, eventually become the Regal isolationist; name reputation, even a person not sweet bes, nor decay stink million years, let his contempt for the inexplicable abuse and bearing. Self love, is respected; Ziqi, people constant evil. Innocent person, clean work.

One day in the morning, Chaoyang stained storied, shallow maple manshan. Light jumping, The scenery is like a picture., don’t feel drunk in painting the wall time. Beauty should not only, when the wind Song poems, mountains and rivers, or to capture the most beautiful time, press the shutter speed, leaving the moment for eternity. Night embrace the past, the dawn of the extradition of hope, a new day, means a new beginning, a new opportunity. Past become empty, occasionally picking; future yarn partition, curtain look really need to pick, mountain can not shake the heart, like the mountain towering gigantic trunk.

The mountain loving, already engraved in bone in this life, no edge is dare farewell. The former, climb countless seat mountains, there are steep, with low and gently, looking back, although very sigh, is a growth of the scrolls, a mountain “. The mountain is the silent mentors, such as the words of peaches and plums, its own way.

Dependent landscape, there are mountain water, mountain was empty pale lonely; water free hill, water is ice cold. Evening singing, fly high like a sunset, a total length autumn sky, heaven, earth two as is. Every time staring at, the embodiment of the ninety percent off ripples, crept closer to return the boat, listening to loud song, secretly glad. The state of mind, with high duck wings, dressed in colorful clouds, roam, free and unfettered party. The world the most beautiful scenery, not Damingshan Xiushui, but I picture there are your glory, my story with your participation, I ferry you waiting. If it sounds a long dash, look at the endless river.

Dan Dan leer, cut water eyes, looked at. Akimizu Ito, on the Bank of the river, write a legend of love. How much love, in the water side Xiucheng Zhengguo, thick honey, sweet life; how much love, after water pay, playing into the love chapter. When love such as the tide, will you surround me, you no longer late in night in wandering, I no longer drink, handle skills no regrets, you leave.

In August, Akiyama tire, is still quite expensive, not still love long flowing water. Man mountain, woman like water, landscape matched, perfect world.

How to love

I like many people, I easily tempted, I will because of an insignificant details falls in love with a person, just like falling in love with a lovely doll

But I know every time I was serious, was rejected after I did not insist, because of pride Dr Max, tell myself forget that person, so forget about all continued in about half a year, I am suffering would think of death, see you think I’m taking feelings as a child’s play, here I also smile company formation, I really mean it.

I think all of this is perhaps because I do not love a person


Think I have read many books, I know a lot of truth

I will cook

I am so smart to have a sense of humor

I’m so considerate

I worked so hard to make himself better more independent and dependent on her though I really lonely

Still love no one

A fool will not someone to love, not to the wise to think too much water cool towel, just as a fool.

This one will do

I don’t want to chat, ambiguous, is the harm of bitter dead

Sad sad, hurt you hurt, I do not strong I don’t considerate, I just be honest with yourself!

Go through this section of the road

Say a point what, at this moment, in my heart stopped for me for a while, say something.

I do not know why, I feel all the better inside, always contain slightly sad taste. Every meet, every part, every night to pay or casual thoughts, the heart always affects an unnoticed pain. Maybe, there is always a person, you want but can never put it down; perhaps, there is always a feeling, you want to forget, but forget……

Before you look up, you don’t know how far to go. Growth is always accompanied by pain, every scar, we all have to endure the pain, and slowly it healed, until it formed a scar, it seemed to tell everyone, you had, have more strong. Love and secular, like a sharp dagger, when your sincerity and kindness and the intersection of heart, to leave a invisible scar scar, for you are sad asked me, reality so sharp, you how to protect your heart like glass. I watched you crave eyes, like a scene late autumn leaves of the bleak, I saw a leaf blown in the air, it high in the sky, riding on the ceaseless cold wind, float, shake and crumble. I was thinking, maybe it has direction, it may there will be love it, perhaps, the leaves and branches of separation, only to let the wind as it finally played a requiem for a dream. Maybe, all the good or not good, all of the sadness or is not sad, all happy or not happy, is only perhaps…

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The weather is cold, she lay in the window, the glass, a thin layer of fog, and then use the slender fingers to write down the name of a person, write down something only she can understand patterns. The fog soon dissipated, the glass window gradually become transparent, the person’s name, those unknown so the pattern, without leaving the slightest trace. But she was not sad, “although it can’t see, but they are there, I know, they are there.” She is so happy to think, happy to almost laughed out loud, because she knows, the whole world, only she has the beautiful little secret.

At this moment, I stopped, see this section of the road, and uneven. The side of her, is still so quiet, her pale hair, to drive away the cold winter. I took her left hand, put it into my right pocket of a coat, she did not turn his head to see me, I can see her left cheek corners of the mouth, at this moment, slightly higher. This is what I loved her, always with me, always give me warm. You are my courage, accompany me to walk this road.Find headphone stands on Kidult Online

Don’t hurt the snow

Small window, I also like the thousands of ordinary women, longing for the pure love, seductive beauty beauty, tears. One of Cyndi Chaw’s “the most romantic thing”, for many years I still listen to them. The music was all of my thoughts, the window is quietly undergoing a white baptism, I do not know when, snow has fallen on the branches Propecia.

The first snow this winter, I do not miss. If not outside someone pressed the wrong doorbell, I also live in a drum, looked at her quivering with snowflakes, one face apology, I only see light suddenly, oh? Snow .

Hastily put on the coat, down the stairs, and snow in a most intimate contact. To the sky, the hands of a flower and a wizard, as if afraid of hurt it, I’m so soft. Always love the rain woman, more because of the winter snow is the rain seasons change and come, I do love. You see, it falls, in my palm attitude to blossom of snow, rain and moistureManaged Network.

That woman is. Presumably, each blossoming snow as a gentle woman, they have a snow snow pure Best Restaurants in Hong Kong, gentle, clear snow……

In the past, tired of those gorgeous palace drama, always feel the fictional plot taken away my heart of modern fashion, so little attention to. However, this time, plum the Snow gleams white. leaning, that a woman has had pulled my heart, for a long time, for a long time……

That night, the Forbidden City, the snow on the plum garden, for a love beautiful a woman, really is a pure world. Zhen Huan with pious hearts desire his promise: “may the heart of people, the elderly not to leave.” Also that time, let her and the seventeen, a life to tie him down. She loves his life, love to the bone marrow, love silent……

Such a snowy night, those floating wizard is how to arrange the meeting a world. Zhen Huan has developed into a general intelligence and pure as snow aveeno baby hk, but fall into the mud cylinder harem, do not want to be worldly-wise and play safe for obtained is so difficult. This is clean of dust, but. When the dawn Princess ornate crown, sexy makeup Jingxian, at that moment, a white woman, completely disappeared in my heart. Clearly someone cry, who touched the snowflake, also hurt her?

I have been lost

Youth passes as a fleeting wave., vanity of shadow, earth dream, who wish to cover world fireworks, fingertip lingers, into a beautiful dream. Please allow me the pen in the moon light came in, but lamented in a be struck with fright, forever in the beautiful, in this rush days, searching for a safe, no place to put the annihilation of beauty, croon, without fear of cruel. In the aeriality in between, I listen to the whispers of the wind, I stand on hill, look like this over the years the sun, see a rosy clouds the boundless sky, see he is nowhere to yourself, everything is as of old, old like yesterday. Looking forward to a woman, but a woman is quiet and a desolation, and this desolate in the continued, from the sea side, the top, the Mo flowers, a starting point, through the years has been spread, to the fleeting time, silent, flower, I think I can be a break point, they found the end yet so far away.

Life is journey, the vast, where is the bank? To sway, to where, eventually did not know. The fleeting time flooded smile, years of vicissitudes face, I alone again in the life of the desert, searching, but not see an oasis, cable less than a drop of dew, struggling and wandering, wandering and struggle. I quietly came to this strange world, not for powdery jade, not for the colorful beach, just want to do a little stone quietly lying on the soft beach, watching the ebb and flow, sun Tong Hui; want to do a take one’s ease dragonflies, flying as low in the sky, I appreciate the blue sky and white clouds, the quiet. Perhaps the world will not have eternal calm, but I am too idealistic, I like this kind of quiet, like the feeling of a person, can smile, do not need reasons; cry, don’t need a reason. Also can cry, not surprised the who’s heart. I close my eyes, feeling the air around him, then wet, then slip through my bones, into my blood, I can not help but hit a crisp fibrillation, I know, I enjoy the rare alone, as if some dream is too far away, while he was in the impossible expectations, after too long life, but to a young heart. In the intermittent thought, a lazy mood blurred, those once, occasionally aftertaste, but also not who mind exquisite……

Than to meet a smile, and then the United States meet still resist Yunyan depicting traces in the years there, don’t know why sometimes meet to beautiful things did not dare close, perhaps then the scenery may not I love, again beautiful times can’t I stay… People should not be happy, happiness is a kind of desire for loop, time will not loop.

Always thought a long journey, a person with luggage, in the strange scenery, quietly closed the tired eyes, enjoy the solitude of quiet beauty, always feel that Tibet’s sky is very blue, it is the best place to wash the mind, I pray, someday I can go, with all my heart for a time travel, who also look forward to the open field in a flawless, inexhaustible, erase my humble fiber wadding, but my heart has changed quietly, let me live contradictions, conflicts with the pursuit of their own, sometimes think, this is trivial, this short life why don’t you find heart, demand, desire, too many disputes, too many helpless, maybe life will be endless pursuit, never have the kind of life they want, but I am in a certain period of time once had, had deep in the heart of that pure, had that mind quiet comfort maybe, someday in the future, I will in this magic world retreats, quiet and field out of the way, see the sunrise look gorgeous, Sundowners feminine, etc. one season blossom, find a cool breeze blowing, the sun, my heart Bright.

Hand held her pen, to write what they did not know where to start. The soul family, joined in the mountains and rivers, beautiful I am unable to present. In the noisy miscellaneous ridicule, who can maintain a calm state of mind. Unable to get rid of the Don’t Get Around Much Anymore, any time, who found truly belongs to? May not half an year, chaos and enchanting. How not to live in the world to find, but is still a person waiting for the dawn of hiding, including time. A day without sunshine, happiness is nowhere to be found. The haze gradually gentle, even silent. The vast world, like a black river, all the sadness, all the emotions, at this moment, tumbling countercurrent. In these years, a person walked, no charming spring, thick and heavy in colours; there is no wind Xiao cloud, happy life. Only hope to clear day, don’t expect too much surprise, nor too deep melancholy. Get the opposite of what one wants, ring always some joy silhouette, deeply hidden corner in memory, when gently lifted up unintentionally, will be shaking with cold…… Even a floating in a heat wave in a dream world, in the changing world, in addition to swim deep in thought and shadow, and the night over the cheeks bitter. At that moment I what also don’t remember. Stood there just as not all including their own body, empty without reservation, empty out and out…

regret and regret.


I and surplus in normal life, profit is not a pretty girl, but I just fall in love at first sight for her. But our feelings so again and again missed each other, Tong don’t break the layer of paper, because that layer of paper there are our friends — english. English is our good friend, Ying know English has a special liking for meoverhead garage storage, you put the feelings buried in the heart. And I, not a man, for profit only buried deep in the heart of love, she didn’t know, so I and English communication. -

Time really quickly, three years of “rice porridge life” so hasty, I haven’t been to the profit I love her. In a night before graduation, the three of us wandering in the teaching building of the corridorTeny Wu, may have graduated bring sad, may be after graduation will each rush thing, English cry, I and surplus being at a loss what to do, the tacit understanding to left in succession, from our teaching building, go to the top. At that time, my heart good good good ahfashion men clothing, really want to put himself to her that love to speak out, but words to his mouth and swallowed slobber. Finally, the full opening, my wishful thinking that she expresses her love to me, but I was wrong, she only told me, want me to stay, because I am the love people. I’m disappointed disappointed! I am in the heart of resistance: No, I don’t like English, I love is you, is you — surplus. Do you know? I’d like to tell you, but I have not the courage, if you refuse me, I’m afraid afraid of… -

In a flash, we graduated from it has been seven or eight years, in the last few years of hoursSamsung Galaxy Note 3 Defender, I always not to the full expression of my love for her. I finally see surplus married, I’m married and english. Say it a moment, my heart in think of surplus, for she always have a care. Sometimes think, I’m really sorry my wife. See surplus find her other halfinvestment, live a happy life, I only wish they were in the bottom of my heart, my feelings buried the bottom of my heart, everybody knows I know but she didn’t knowAsian college of knowledge management. -

With the snow falling plum dance

A misty rain, ending the Jiangnan poetic; a season of flowers, spring is waning. “Don’t; once turned, tears buried wood and former Union; a bosom deep condensate, destined to you my love.

Silent snow, scattered, snow angel fantasy. Falling plum season snow, dancing all the century world of mortals. She, from dust, but dust buried. How many years is tender, only in exchange for a dance. Don’t ask the past, just for today, turn into Chunni more quadrangle. She did not miss immeasurably vast difference busy spring and autumn, the wind to fly to the end of the day. Numerous hills and streams, the remotest corners of the globe, no regrets.

Wan, Shui Mei she, Wan in the central water. How much water Jiangnan worry, like a round soft. She, flowers on guest, if water three thousand du. How many times looking back, only in exchange for this life turned. No complaints from the war, not permits forever, enjoy while one can. She is not human countless romantic guest, who will each edge stick. If you do not leave, I will not abandon, agreed to this life.

If you ask, there is snow on the ground, into the water, endlessly also sleepless. You know, time travel, lethe River, I eagerly look forward to. If you ask, just like Southern poetry, dark, don’t also not scattered. You know, on the horizon, the best, but his love of my heart.

Not the world of nostalgia, unwilling to face the separation. If you leave, each Ann tianya. If you do not leave, my heart forever. She, a red dust in the ordinary woman.

Geometry of life, don’t waste. Encounter that edge, be fu. Cheng Jun Connaught, thousands of years of love. You may recall, our initial.

The balcony in front of Poplar

A poplar tree in front of my kitchen balcony, four storeys high. According to the downstairs retired old man, that was a long time ago there was a bungalow is planted, cover residential building almost cut off, some people insist not cut it survived.

A few years ago I moved into this old building, surprisingly found a tall poplar was grown in the flat thick cement ground. The root is hard cement tightly clutching, a drop of rain water infiltration does not go, not into the water this tree, with roots deep into the soil, underground moisture nourishment, just stubbornly survived until now. I wonder when the cement ground why not to leave a little space around the roots! Then careful observation, found the tree scars, have three branches was being sawed off, the remaining three branches stubbornly to go long, trees and four floor balcony general high. I worry that this tree was abandoned, poor old Yang tree can survive the long winter.

The second year spring, the spring breeze blowing the green front lawn, roadside green belt of trees in the artificial watering, love full of vigour, be light of heart from care to grow significantly, the branches have begun to green. But the old ash tree still bare, gray, few branches stubbornly stretched upward.

Early one morning, a fine drizzle. I get up early morning, stand on the terrace and branches, found in front of the technical head a layer of green inadvertently. I at heart a pleased, standing on the balcony, gazing at the green trees covered with water, immerse the delicate fragrance.

The spring of this year, building the cement ground to tile, a farmer came to set aside a space around the roots, Yang tree finally get rid of the shackles of the cement ground, reborn. Midsummer season, green leaves bloom crowded on the balcony, swaying in the breeze. As my family sent bursts of cool fresh air, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. Shanghai qingumu envy to travel to visit relatives to say: “a tree is like an air-conditioner, so cool your home!” naughty little grandson every day with a drink bottle filled with water spray on the balcony, standing branches, so that the green juice flow leaves more cute. I felt moved, blame why not for Yang tree water, responsibility as point!

In fact, in the ordinary life has many good things, it is quite common for possession, be accustomed to, don’t know to cherish, once lost, only to find that her beautiful, too late to regret.

Quietly at night

Love, without sleep, the dew wet talk, if the night lights dim attachment. The silence of the night listening to the wind across the sky slowly, Miss silent hung in front of the window, such as the moon cut fill the love poetry. Each write crystal is a dream of hope, every glance flashes is a ray of warmth of love. You, as the previous promise, to phase v. brokenhearted and the love be passionately devoted, and hope that if the wind willow bank, flowers and rub shoulders with you.
A glass of red wine a fall of night!
The lights dim moonlight, colour, purples, bleaching and dyeing time not impulse, will miss drops of drink into the throat, cannot swallow desolate, choked with the stop the passage of time, emitting a strong bitter and temptation, will life packed into a few bottles of wine, drunk pain woke up, tears light, crystal night ambiguous and obscure, will be a wanderer. Heart entanglements with crossed the reality and dream, not the cup of moonlight engulf any breeze, shallow sing.
Light, split the night camouflage; glass, filled the twinkling stars. Hung in front of the window of the dream, the night light, warm through the glass window, scattered in the songs of TV wall. Mottled neon drunk dream reverie, wings to fly in the dancing melody is free.
The side of the road, the car’s engine, slow and lingering, seems to be on the night of the lyric, the lights emitted light, through the window on the roof, confused eyes pupil, micro smoke hazy, waiting for a bright month open dream. Quiet, faint sound of cicadas, with heart beating rhythm poetry affection, a crimson sky is that sweet, rich wine stained their night of passion. Gentle light daystar, drunk heart beauty night stop meteor.

Happy reason

For a landscape, watching the youth passes as a fleeting wave. In the season of falling, many branches of attachment, is that the wind fall, maybe left too many happy picture, let the sad eyes, condense in the frozen emotions, through the fastening the door. In fact; many inherences good meet, in the day of grief, be a curtain of blue, most do not want to set off the smoke still, dream again, no matter how to render any thoughts, dare not recall the time after the pain, like a nostalgic, treasure for a long time, will become the heart of the thin cool, with the passage of time of the river, turned into a never goes alone and lonely, in the shining moment, become a thing of the past, never mentioned a sad.

Smile the sorrow of parting, mildly strings, like sadness of the feast, in countless obsession, filled with too many tears, laugh in the fleeting desolate picture, the edge of the deep, shallow edge will edge to edge, then by love th, there is no shortage of enduring as the universe, God, those who had a magnificent look, smile Yunjuanyunshu sadness, flowers bloom. Maybe this is life, a little sad, pretend not to think, would forget. A period of time, a fragment, a sad, a silent, for a life time, quietly relieved a know. Time passes very quickly. In the moment, and is an autumn four season, maple leaves, sad and Nai I? It’s a long road of life, there is always a wordless sadness, not to mention.