You are caring

You are caring – care for the ones who deserve it, your mother who needs it, your younger siblings who need it, people who look up to you (and there are many), people in Africa, Palestine; you are not monolithic! You can’t be defined by the present.

You are a once in a century phenomenon. I predict great things for you! Humans are only limited by their ambitions and if you let the people around you box your dreams in, or intimidate you then you will end up being a mirror to them. Remember that confidence is high and so is the person who has it. Say to yourself “I am the best” and know it too!
20 yrs from now when you are 40, why can’t you stand in front of the UN and tell the world they need to stop the wars and pay attention to the children of Africa? Aren’t you the daughter of a Palestinian refugee who had the unique privilege to be brought up in America with acess to the best education in the world? Those of us who are given a chance have an obligation Dust Proof Phone Case..

if not to succeed then at least to try, and at worst to die trying! You went for the stars and even if you didn’t conquer them at least you looked towards the heavens for them. I know you. You can’t see yourself ending like these ordinary people. If you are 40 and you are sewing sweaters for your kid in Charlotte I know for a fact that you would rather kill yourself! They cant see you infront of the UN at 40. “You can’t do it Laila” they say. “You are a mad person Laila! It’s an impossible dream and that’s all it is Dust proof phone case!

Peace in Palestine Proposal

This is my husband’s proposal.  He’s better versed in the subject than any Palestinian I’ve ever met. He’s read “Das Judenstat” aka “The Jewish State” which is basically the Zionist manifesto and can reference any battle that ever happened in Jerusalem, so I really respect his opinion. I don’t think his plan is plausible with an enabler like America allowing Israel to continue its destruction without repercussions. But I am hopeful with the Arab Spring, and as our Commander in Chief is recommending “radical” corrections, and the outbursts from Jews at AIPAC. Times are changing inshallah.

I’m curious what other perspectives might be on his proposed solution (I copied and pasted this from a conversation he was having on facebook so it’s just the bones, not too much detail)..

“Two states never work under one government (think Pakistan-Bangladesh). The only solution can be this: 1) Jerusalem be split and old city of Jerusalem be the capital of the Palestinian state 2) Southern Israeli lands given to Palestinians to combine the West Bank and Gaza. 3) In return Israel keeps most of its settlements in the West Bank. 4) De-militarized zone on the Israeli-Palestinian border with the UN as an observer (and Palestine can have an army unlike Netenyahu would have it). 5) Arab refugees from Israel to be re-patriated to Palestine. 6) Peace treaty to be signed with Israel including no fly zones.”

the weekend

I just feel full although I’ve hardly eaten anything today…coffee, some jelly, vegetables, fruit and soup and lots of tea and water. I hate this feeling. It’s from the b/p on the weekend which means i don’t even know how much food is in me, how much is water weight or whether my digestive system is just kind of frozen due to b/p. I just feel full and gross and it’ll take about 3-5 days to go away ewwwhotel management school. And yet I’m fight so hard the urge to go and do it again…or at least run away to the cafe. Dunno what I like about itMoving company,

probably it’s my secluded binge place which means it’s associated with silence, solitude, space and sweetness of foods. In fact, I think I might go and bake some cookies. Just cos I’m baking there doesn’t mean I have to eat any or the mixtureWater slide.

And I feel like I need to get out of the house and distract myself. Then I’ll bring the cookies into work tomorrow. I love feeding other people and fattening them up