Peace in Palestine Proposal

This is my husband’s proposal.  He’s better versed in the subject than any Palestinian I’ve ever met. He’s read “Das Judenstat” aka “The Jewish State” which is basically the Zionist manifesto and can reference any battle that ever happened in Jerusalem, so I really respect his opinion. I don’t think his plan is plausible with an enabler like America allowing Israel to continue its destruction without repercussions. But I am hopeful with the Arab Spring, and as our Commander in Chief is recommending “radical” corrections, and the outbursts from Jews at AIPAC. Times are changing inshallah.

I’m curious what other perspectives might be on his proposed solution (I copied and pasted this from a conversation he was having on facebook so it’s just the bones, not too much detail)..

“Two states never work under one government (think Pakistan-Bangladesh). The only solution can be this: 1) Jerusalem be split and old city of Jerusalem be the capital of the Palestinian state 2) Southern Israeli lands given to Palestinians to combine the West Bank and Gaza. 3) In return Israel keeps most of its settlements in the West Bank. 4) De-militarized zone on the Israeli-Palestinian border with the UN as an observer (and Palestine can have an army unlike Netenyahu would have it). 5) Arab refugees from Israel to be re-patriated to Palestine. 6) Peace treaty to be signed with Israel including no fly zones.”