i think i need to do that more rather than hang out to spend my time.

i could really use a good massage.  too bad i cant give myself one. lol cuz im pretty darn good.  at least thats what i’ve been told..

i think im gonna check out aromatherapy…they have 30 min relaxation sessions…im gonna head over to huntington village rite now and check it out.  lets see how that goes

i have a mile long migraine..especially hearing people talk shit about me like i spoke about in my last entry…thats just the tip of the iceberg..apparantly i dont go to work either according to this person…Oh really?  Why is it that Im becoming a manager soon?  Because i never go there?  And because i always leave early?  I stay there till 11 sometimes yes helping out and busting my ass..Thats just me..
I dont leave things unfinished…But people can never leave others alone for some strange reason….But that person needs to watch their back for sure…Should they talk to me I WILL spit in their face which is probably the most disrespectful thing to do.  And of this Im fully aware.  That’s the point.  I wish he were a carpet so i could step all over his face.