I hope everything just goes well

can you tell i didn’t do well on my test today? lol I kinda foreshadowed that on my own…i have to make sure i don’t repeat history tomorrow- I HAVE to do well on that test…anything else is not an option!!!

as if i didnt have enough going…add work into the mix. and what is going on at work today? INVENTORY! great as if its not shitty enough being there- lets make sure I stay there til 1 am so i SURELY bomb my test tomorrow lol…whatever i’m gonna clock my ass out 9:30 on the dot…if they try and make me stay I will quit on the spot…School is waaay more important than some BS job.  yeah so when i came home I had my mom barking at me telling me to make goody bags…Why make such a big deal- when the max number of kids that actually come to our house is like 5???  Seriously…

I hope everything just goes well…I can’t afford for it not to at this point in the game.