Don’t forget blogging!

I crashed hard. I was failing at all of my tasks: not reading any textbooks, stagnant LSAT score, missing Senate meetings, not talking to my husband.  But, out of the wreckage I found Laila.  Or I guess Javaid found Laila.
We had a talk about what’s really going on and we talked about what Laila really wants and we found that: Laila loves Allah, loves Javaid, wants to help Muslims, wants to spread literacy in the world, wants to jog for the sake of jogging, read fiction, and don’t forget blogging! I want to blog again!! I love learning and thinking and being around thinkers; what better feeling is there? So I inquired about getting the remnants of the wreckage driving again–at minimal speed.  I found graduate Justice studies MS and PhD programs at my school.  And they like my thesis: persecution of Muslim women in America.  Oh yea, and they happen to be in the “School of Social Transformation.”  It would be the perfect union of my dreams and my reality.  And I don’t think Allah would allow us to have dreams if they could never become realities. He is after all al’Adl company formation offshore (the Just).

To answer my questions in the beginning:  My dreams are to change the world.  Sadness over the status of women in Islam and Muslims in the world inspired me.  And I’m going to realize these dreams by researching Muslim women in America, and Muslim women in the world, and eventually start a company to spread literacy in the world (Muslim literacy about the world, as well as nonMuslim literacy about Muslims Claire Hsu).
Inshallah sharing my brief story inspires anyone who is going through the motions, or allowing “the tail wag the dog,” to wake up and reassess what they want to gain from this life and how their actions are encouraging or discouraging their dreams.  I pray that all your dreams are being realized or in the process of being realized otterbox 防摔手機殼