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“How would you feel about filling up the family jug with a nice Merlot at the local convenience store instead of having to feel guilty about tossing out those lovely bottles? Unfortunately, I don’t drink much wine, but my next idea is even better.

“The Beer and Ice Cream Truck – Beer bottles accumulate at an alarming rate compared to wine bottles in some households. My suggestion is to load up a few kegs of good lager in the back of the neighborhood ice cream truck and sell ice cream treats and draft beer by the glass.

“You could get an ice cream sandwich and fill up a big mug with some cold beer. It’s kind of like the beer cart at golf tournaments. When the truck rolls down the street blasting those obnoxious sing-song tunes and you hear the kids yell ‘Ice Cream truck,’ you could leap out of the easy chair and scream ‘BEER TRUCK,’ and everybody could race out to the street for a treat.

“This would save on beer cans and bottles, give the ice cream vendor something to do in the fall during football season, get Dad much needed exercise, and neighbors would have an excuse to get out of the house and meet each other.

“OK, these are just ideas. It would require a bit of effort to make them a reality. But if we satisfy the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) need and make it fun, then it could become a reality, anywhere and especially here in Amarillo. Let’s get the Beer Truck thing going soon. Just in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

“P.S. Please feel free to use these incredible ideas and even expand them. You can help make your town a cleaner, if less sober, place.