Return from neverland…

Wow.. im actually updating.. all my great ideals about being faithful to xanga while i was gone disappeared. guess i just couldnt find the energy to sit down and write a update.. maybe its kinda like my personality where i like my space and like being in my box and dont feel inspired to let everyone around me know whats happening in my life is that selfish or what.. mostly i was probably to lazy well no matter how i look at it it doesnt look to bright for me so lets just say i returned from never land and not worry why she wasnt updating furniture storage

I returned safetly from the land of france which i was very overjoyed to be back to all my wonderful friends and family who i missed greatly but not enough that i didnt enjoy my time.. paris was a good experience and i had plenty of fun but i would say paris is overrated.. people or raised to walk around like they are superior with a pouty almost sad look on their face which makes u feel as tho you have to smile all the time to counter act them.. but im honestly amazed at how incredible some of the views are over there.. makes me wish that the poor little town of meadville would have a little more life to it a little more green parks and children friendly play centers so i could find interesting places to take my dear little chilliuns that i babysit.. paris does have wonderful food and a few wonderful people and in that i had a very good experience company registration Hong Kong..

Coming home 2 weeks ahead of the folks i work for gave me 2 weeks of relaxation and vacation so i spent the 2 weeks

hanging out with friends… Thanks karen and em for the wonderful evening at the dam Cable manufacturer..

going pymtuming with my family .. the lake was beautiful the family totally wonderful and mine and i wouldnt trade them for anything in the world.

. shopping in erie with my sister.. sisters are fabulous and honestly my favorite person to go shopping with to have a totally out all girls day out.. laugh untill you about cry over little incidents remember jokes that are only between the 2 of you and fit on cute clothes just for the kick and giggles of it.. so to my sis.. you are the bestest..

. spending time with my boyfriend… learning to know him better and amazed at the fact the more you learn to know someone the more there is to learn. but im amazed at how God works and how everything works out better then i could have ever imagined.. Derek is truely a treasure and for beyond my wildest dreams..

pymutuming with girlfriends.. spending time just with my incredible girlfriends.. boating getting drenched thanks em.. and just having a farewell for irene who will be going to mexico.. talking to her and praying for her made a very good day..

Spending 2 days down at my cuzins place.. where i had lots of good food and a wonderful day going tubing down the delaware river.. that was a wonderful time getting dropped off about 4-5 miles up the river and we went floating down the river for a bout 2.5 hours.. get sun exposure and goodtimes with my sister mom and cousins亞洲知識管理學院..

So with the memories of the past 2 weeks in mind i must prepare to go back to the life of working on monday morning to my dear little chilluns that amidst all the fun i desperately missed… so till later…