Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon at Grammy’s house.

Daddy and Mommy went to Virginia to see Daddy’s cousin, Matt, and his wife, Angela. I get to stay with Grandpa and Grammy. I took a (very) little rest with Grandpa on his chair.

He was snoring, so I pretended to snore, too, and woke him upcheap furniture stores.
I decided to get down.

Grammy napped on her chair, too, while I watched Caillouiphone leather case,
but then I convinced Grammy that it was time to do something more interesting.

So we mixed up some cupcakes and I helped a lot with that, and then I washed the dishes with lots of soap and water and splashing about.

And then, Grammy gave me Grandpa’s big honey bear that is out of honey.
She filled it with water for me and I watered the flowers.
They were really dry, though Grammy isn’t sure if at least one of them won’t need water for a week or more: