loves bubby

my kids were cute, but my grandsons are absolutely a thousand times cuter.

ethan is six months old now.

he is getting so big and has been eating food for a month now. sarah and i have been making his baby food ourselves and freezing it in little 3oz. containers i found. so far he’s worked through apples, bananas, pears, and peaches. we are going to add squash this week and probably peas next week. i’ve been using my food processor, but sarah just bought the baby bullet, so we’ll give that a try tomorrow.

he has a doctor appointment on tuesday, and sarah has asked me to go this time. he gets another round of shots, i guess and i think we are going to have a discussion about his clogged tear duct. it hasn’t opened up yet and the poor thing–his eye is glued shut each morning!!! she’s been trying to massage it since he was born, but its just being stubborn and he may have to have it surgically opened up.

yup, you can see why joey loves bubby!!! when i go to see joey i always take him a greek yogurt for a treat. the other day i also brought him sugar wafers and he likes them!

he is 17 months old now, not saying much yet, but his mouth goes non-stop! the day he says “bubby” i am just going to melt right onto the floor.