delightful december

its getting harder to do these posts! but its because its hard to choose which happys to give center stage for the day.

today i choose………living in the woods!!!!!

we live in a small town in maine. i think our towns population is about 6,000+ spread over a gazillion square miles. most of it centered in town -12 miles away.

we have a few neighbors, but we don’t have to see them unless we want to. its quiet. the nearest highway is 15 miles or more away.

a perfect weekend is one where we don’t have to leave the “wink”. this weekend would be one of those.

thankfully the sun is beginning its journey back to us. this pic was taken at 1 pm today. the sun is so low in the southern horizon, it doesn’t even clear the trees.

today was sunny and cold. i think it got up to 30 maybe. it snowed a teeny tiny bit last night. tonight is supposed to be ccccold.