Happy reason

For a landscape, watching the youth passes as a fleeting wave. In the season of falling, many branches of attachment, is that the wind fall, maybe left too many happy picture, let the sad eyes, condense in the frozen emotions, through the fastening the door. In fact; many inherences good meet, in the day of grief, be a curtain of blue, most do not want to set off the smoke still, dream again, no matter how to render any thoughts, dare not recall the time after the pain, like a nostalgic, treasure for a long time, will become the heart of the thin cool, with the passage of time of the river, turned into a never goes alone and lonely, in the shining moment, become a thing of the past, never mentioned a sad.

Smile the sorrow of parting, mildly strings, like sadness of the feast, in countless obsession, filled with too many tears, laugh in the fleeting desolate picture, the edge of the deep, shallow edge will edge to edge, then by love th, there is no shortage of enduring as the universe, God, those who had a magnificent look, smile Yunjuanyunshu sadness, flowers bloom. Maybe this is life, a little sad, pretend not to think, would forget. A period of time, a fragment, a sad, a silent, for a life time, quietly relieved a know. Time passes very quickly. In the moment, and is an autumn four season, maple leaves, sad and Nai I? It’s a long road of life, there is always a wordless sadness, not to mention.