Quietly at night

Love, without sleep, the dew wet talk, if the night lights dim attachment. The silence of the night listening to the wind across the sky slowly, Miss silent hung in front of the window, such as the moon cut fill the love poetry. Each write crystal is a dream of hope, every glance flashes is a ray of warmth of love. You, as the previous promise, to phase v. brokenhearted and the love be passionately devoted, and hope that if the wind willow bank, flowers and rub shoulders with you.
A glass of red wine a fall of night!
The lights dim moonlight, colour, purples, bleaching and dyeing time not impulse, will miss drops of drink into the throat, cannot swallow desolate, choked with the stop the passage of time, emitting a strong bitter and temptation, will life packed into a few bottles of wine, drunk pain woke up, tears light, crystal night ambiguous and obscure, will be a wanderer. Heart entanglements with crossed the reality and dream, not the cup of moonlight engulf any breeze, shallow sing.
Light, split the night camouflage; glass, filled the twinkling stars. Hung in front of the window of the dream, the night light, warm through the glass window, scattered in the songs of TV wall. Mottled neon drunk dream reverie, wings to fly in the dancing melody is free.
The side of the road, the car’s engine, slow and lingering, seems to be on the night of the lyric, the lights emitted light, through the window on the roof, confused eyes pupil, micro smoke hazy, waiting for a bright month open dream. Quiet, faint sound of cicadas, with heart beating rhythm poetry affection, a crimson sky is that sweet, rich wine stained their night of passion. Gentle light daystar, drunk heart beauty night stop meteor.