regret and regret.


I and surplus in normal life, profit is not a pretty girl, but I just fall in love at first sight for her. But our feelings so again and again missed each other, Tong don’t break the layer of paper, because that layer of paper there are our friends — english. English is our good friend, Ying know English has a special liking for meoverhead garage storage, you put the feelings buried in the heart. And I, not a man, for profit only buried deep in the heart of love, she didn’t know, so I and English communication. -

Time really quickly, three years of “rice porridge life” so hasty, I haven’t been to the profit I love her. In a night before graduation, the three of us wandering in the teaching building of the corridorTeny Wu, may have graduated bring sad, may be after graduation will each rush thing, English cry, I and surplus being at a loss what to do, the tacit understanding to left in succession, from our teaching building, go to the top. At that time, my heart good good good ahfashion men clothing, really want to put himself to her that love to speak out, but words to his mouth and swallowed slobber. Finally, the full opening, my wishful thinking that she expresses her love to me, but I was wrong, she only told me, want me to stay, because I am the love people. I’m disappointed disappointed! I am in the heart of resistance: No, I don’t like English, I love is you, is you — surplus. Do you know? I’d like to tell you, but I have not the courage, if you refuse me, I’m afraid afraid of… -

In a flash, we graduated from it has been seven or eight years, in the last few years of hoursSamsung Galaxy Note 3 Defender, I always not to the full expression of my love for her. I finally see surplus married, I’m married and english. Say it a moment, my heart in think of surplus, for she always have a care. Sometimes think, I’m really sorry my wife. See surplus find her other halfinvestment, live a happy life, I only wish they were in the bottom of my heart, my feelings buried the bottom of my heart, everybody knows I know but she didn’t knowAsian college of knowledge management. -