Go through this section of the road

Say a point what, at this moment, in my heart stopped for me for a while, say something.

I do not know why, I feel all the better inside, always contain slightly sad taste. Every meet, every part, every night to pay or casual thoughts, the heart always affects an unnoticed pain. Maybe, there is always a person, you want but can never put it down; perhaps, there is always a feeling, you want to forget, but forget……

Before you look up, you don’t know how far to go. Growth is always accompanied by pain, every scar, we all have to endure the pain, and slowly it healed, until it formed a scar, it seemed to tell everyone, you had, have more strong. Love and secular, like a sharp dagger, when your sincerity and kindness and the intersection of heart, to leave a invisible scar scar, for you are sad asked me, reality so sharp, you how to protect your heart like glass. I watched you crave eyes, like a scene late autumn leaves of the bleak, I saw a leaf blown in the air, it high in the sky, riding on the ceaseless cold wind, float, shake and crumble. I was thinking, maybe it has direction, it may there will be love it, perhaps, the leaves and branches of separation, only to let the wind as it finally played a requiem for a dream. Maybe, all the good or not good, all of the sadness or is not sad, all happy or not happy, is only perhaps…

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The weather is cold, she lay in the window, the glass, a thin layer of fog, and then use the slender fingers to write down the name of a person, write down something only she can understand patterns. The fog soon dissipated, the glass window gradually become transparent, the person’s name, those unknown so the pattern, without leaving the slightest trace. But she was not sad, “although it can’t see, but they are there, I know, they are there.” She is so happy to think, happy to almost laughed out loud, because she knows, the whole world, only she has the beautiful little secret.

At this moment, I stopped, see this section of the road, and uneven. The side of her, is still so quiet, her pale hair, to drive away the cold winter. I took her left hand, put it into my right pocket of a coat, she did not turn his head to see me, I can see her left cheek corners of the mouth, at this moment, slightly higher. This is what I loved her, always with me, always give me warm. You are my courage, accompany me to walk this road.Find headphone stands on Kidult Online