How to love

I like many people, I easily tempted, I will because of an insignificant details falls in love with a person, just like falling in love with a lovely doll

But I know every time I was serious, was rejected after I did not insist, because of pride Dr Max, tell myself forget that person, so forget about all continued in about half a year, I am suffering would think of death, see you think I’m taking feelings as a child’s play, here I also smile company formation, I really mean it.

I think all of this is perhaps because I do not love a person


Think I have read many books, I know a lot of truth

I will cook

I am so smart to have a sense of humor

I’m so considerate

I worked so hard to make himself better more independent and dependent on her though I really lonely

Still love no one

A fool will not someone to love, not to the wise to think too much water cool towel, just as a fool.

This one will do

I don’t want to chat, ambiguous, is the harm of bitter dead

Sad sad, hurt you hurt, I do not strong I don’t considerate, I just be honest with yourself!