Akiyama tire

The gathering of autumn, orange little shy, Castle Peak water, by the china. Autumn, always follow shadow with sorrow, “autumn autumn autumn Sharen,” one hundred years of sadness mourning cool; “million in autumn often sojourns, energy-saving,” don’t finish the solitary and desolate melancholy. In fact, spring hate autumn sad from Jalan, spring to autumn, no matter how the years vicissitudes, the passions are the inner peace of mind through ups and downs, with a thin one, life natural moist quiet. I was loved “every autumn sad lonely since ancient times, I made the spring towards autumn wins” such words poem of autumn, the autumn of August, in Liu Mengde’s pen full color under, do not lose a spring. Castle Peak is not old, in the makeup time rouge, Qiao smile on, Yan Zi Shen Yu, more mature and moving charm.

Autumn Lang on gas, like wearing the morning dew, stepping on the scattered Kun Huang Huaye, Ling top leisurely exhibition of small hills. “Rustling” music awakened all, everyone has a natural performer, a foot of a note, a piece of a masterpiece. On the top of the hill, breathe the morning breeze, the troubles and worries are buried in the void, leaving only a thorough heart fresh. At this moment, can not envy the implicit Geng Tao Yuanming Nanshan, picking a chrysanthemum, life is slightly embarrassed, how terrible a happy mood. Fame and fortune in this world, profit is not the life lead singer, hee hee Lee, and profits go to Li Zi, led, eventually become the Regal isolationist; name reputation, even a person not sweet bes, nor decay stink million years, let his contempt for the inexplicable abuse and bearing. Self love, is respected; Ziqi, people constant evil. Innocent person, clean work.

One day in the morning, Chaoyang stained storied, shallow maple manshan. Light jumping, The scenery is like a picture., don’t feel drunk in painting the wall time. Beauty should not only, when the wind Song poems, mountains and rivers, or to capture the most beautiful time, press the shutter speed, leaving the moment for eternity. Night embrace the past, the dawn of the extradition of hope, a new day, means a new beginning, a new opportunity. Past become empty, occasionally picking; future yarn partition, curtain look really need to pick, mountain can not shake the heart, like the mountain towering gigantic trunk.

The mountain loving, already engraved in bone in this life, no edge is dare farewell. The former, climb countless seat mountains, there are steep, with low and gently, looking back, although very sigh, is a growth of the scrolls, a mountain “. The mountain is the silent mentors, such as the words of peaches and plums, its own way.

Dependent landscape, there are mountain water, mountain was empty pale lonely; water free hill, water is ice cold. Evening singing, fly high like a sunset, a total length autumn sky, heaven, earth two as is. Every time staring at, the embodiment of the ninety percent off ripples, crept closer to return the boat, listening to loud song, secretly glad. The state of mind, with high duck wings, dressed in colorful clouds, roam, free and unfettered party. The world the most beautiful scenery, not Damingshan Xiushui, but I picture there are your glory, my story with your participation, I ferry you waiting. If it sounds a long dash, look at the endless river.

Dan Dan leer, cut water eyes, looked at. Akimizu Ito, on the Bank of the river, write a legend of love. How much love, in the water side Xiucheng Zhengguo, thick honey, sweet life; how much love, after water pay, playing into the love chapter. When love such as the tide, will you surround me, you no longer late in night in wandering, I no longer drink, handle skills no regrets, you leave.

In August, Akiyama tire, is still quite expensive, not still love long flowing water. Man mountain, woman like water, landscape matched, perfect world.