Don’t forget blogging!

I crashed hard. I was failing at all of my tasks: not reading any textbooks, stagnant LSAT score, missing Senate meetings, not talking to my husband.  But, out of the wreckage I found Laila.  Or I guess Javaid found Laila.
We had a talk about what’s really going on and we talked about what Laila really wants and we found that: Laila loves Allah, loves Javaid, wants to help Muslims, wants to spread literacy in the world, wants to jog for the sake of jogging, read fiction, and don’t forget blogging! I want to blog again!! I love learning and thinking and being around thinkers; what better feeling is there? So I inquired about getting the remnants of the wreckage driving again–at minimal speed.  I found graduate Justice studies MS and PhD programs at my school.  And they like my thesis: persecution of Muslim women in America.  Oh yea, and they happen to be in the “School of Social Transformation.”  It would be the perfect union of my dreams and my reality.  And I don’t think Allah would allow us to have dreams if they could never become realities. He is after all al’Adl company formation offshore (the Just).

To answer my questions in the beginning:  My dreams are to change the world.  Sadness over the status of women in Islam and Muslims in the world inspired me.  And I’m going to realize these dreams by researching Muslim women in America, and Muslim women in the world, and eventually start a company to spread literacy in the world (Muslim literacy about the world, as well as nonMuslim literacy about Muslims Claire Hsu).
Inshallah sharing my brief story inspires anyone who is going through the motions, or allowing “the tail wag the dog,” to wake up and reassess what they want to gain from this life and how their actions are encouraging or discouraging their dreams.  I pray that all your dreams are being realized or in the process of being realized otterbox 防摔手機殼

Peace in Palestine Proposal

This is my husband’s proposal.  He’s better versed in the subject than any Palestinian I’ve ever met. He’s read “Das Judenstat” aka “The Jewish State” which is basically the Zionist manifesto and can reference any battle that ever happened in Jerusalem, so I really respect his opinion. I don’t think his plan is plausible with an enabler like America allowing Israel to continue its destruction without repercussions. But I am hopeful with the Arab Spring, and as our Commander in Chief is recommending “radical” corrections, and the outbursts from Jews at AIPAC. Times are changing inshallah.

I’m curious what other perspectives might be on his proposed solution (I copied and pasted this from a conversation he was having on facebook so it’s just the bones, not too much detail)..

“Two states never work under one government (think Pakistan-Bangladesh). The only solution can be this: 1) Jerusalem be split and old city of Jerusalem be the capital of the Palestinian state 2) Southern Israeli lands given to Palestinians to combine the West Bank and Gaza. 3) In return Israel keeps most of its settlements in the West Bank. 4) De-militarized zone on the Israeli-Palestinian border with the UN as an observer (and Palestine can have an army unlike Netenyahu would have it). 5) Arab refugees from Israel to be re-patriated to Palestine. 6) Peace treaty to be signed with Israel including no fly zones.”

the weekend

I just feel full although I’ve hardly eaten anything today…coffee, some jelly, vegetables, fruit and soup and lots of tea and water. I hate this feeling. It’s from the b/p on the weekend which means i don’t even know how much food is in me, how much is water weight or whether my digestive system is just kind of frozen due to b/p. I just feel full and gross and it’ll take about 3-5 days to go away ewwwhotel management school. And yet I’m fight so hard the urge to go and do it again…or at least run away to the cafe. Dunno what I like about itMoving company,

probably it’s my secluded binge place which means it’s associated with silence, solitude, space and sweetness of foods. In fact, I think I might go and bake some cookies. Just cos I’m baking there doesn’t mean I have to eat any or the mixtureWater slide.

And I feel like I need to get out of the house and distract myself. Then I’ll bring the cookies into work tomorrow. I love feeding other people and fattening them up

Marriage really is good for healthy

Marriage really is good for you, with a major international study finding it reduces the risks of depression and anxiety, but these disorders are more likely to plague people once the relationship is over.

The study of 34,493 people across 15 countries was led by clinical psychologist Kate Scott from New Zealand’s University of Otago, and is based on the WHO World Mental Health (WMH) surveys conducted over the past decade.
It found that ending marriage through separation, divorce or death is linked to an increased risk of mental health disorders, with women more likely to resort to substance abuse and men more likely to become depressed

“What makes this investigation unique and more robust is the sample is so large and across so many countries and the fact that we have data not only on depression… but also on anxiety and substance use disorders,” Scott said in a statement.

“In addition, we were able to look at what happens to mental health in marriage, both in comparison with never getting married, and with ending marriage.”

Scott said that the study found that getting married, compared to not getting married, was good for the mental health of both genders, not just women, as previous studies had found.

The study, however, did find that men are less likely to become depressed in their first marriage than women, a factor Scott said was probably linked to the traditional gender roles at home, as other WMH surveys have shown that as women get better educated, depression rates tend to fall.

The other gender difference the study found is that getting married reduces risk of substance use disorders more for women than for men. Scott said this may be explained by the fact that women are usually the primary caregiver for young children

However, the downside of marriage, the University of Otago study shows, is that ending it has a negative impact on both genders.

“What our study points to is that the marital relationship offers a lot of mental health benefits for both men and women, and that the distress and disruption associated with ending marriage can make people vulnerable to developing mental disorders,” Scott said.

The study was recently published in the British journal Psychological Medicine. It was conducted in association with the World Health Organization, Harvard University and a number of other international organisations.