we will meet

I see you standing there, walking by, doing your you thing, and I can’t help but think

if only i could say hi. if only you could notice me the way im noticing youHK VPN.

but alas, that is not how the universe has meant itcheap home office furniture.

Maybe if I was a little more extroverted, or thought that I was as awesome as I say I am, that I could say hi. That I could talk to youincorporation of company in hong kong.

But it’s all in passing. I’ll think of you again, but you won’t think of me.

Maybe one day, you will notice me. Maybe one day, we will meet.

Orange juice

Orange juice is rich in carotene, can be in the human body into vitamin A, suggested that often use eye computer family more than adequate supplementation, in addition to maintain immunity, the maintenance of skin mucosa integrity plays a positive role.

The grape anthocyanin has antioxidant hair loss, prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, blood pressure lowering effectled lighting.

Tomato juice is vegetable juice, its nutrition is the advantage of low sugar content, compared with fruit juice, energy is low; and wherein the lycopene has an antioxidant effect, its antioxidant capacity is 3.2 times of beta-carotene

vitamin E is 100 times; in addition the lycopene can reduce atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease risk. For don’t like sweet juice friend, tomato juice is a good choicestorage unit.

a desire and an idea

it’s currently simpler than ever to start a prosperous business from the coziness of the residence. Starting an enterprise doesn’t have to demand a massive sum of money or even a physical space. It actually can just start with just a desire and an idea.

Those who have observed night time TV programs as well as surfed the Internet for a few minutes may well explain that the airwaves generally are inundated with “get wealthy quick systems.” Each of them promise that one easily can become financially successful without doing literally any task, for little capital expenditure with just a few minutes daily.

Have you heard -”if it sounds too good to be for real – it more than likely is?” Truth be told that if you wish to genuinely end up becoming financially successful in business, you will have to give plenty of time as well as put in a lot of hard work.

Money wise – there certainly is a little space for adjustability and also the chance to begin a company with a small sum of money. Even so, a majority of agencies will require some kind of expenditure, it really is at your discretion decide exactly what is suited in regard to your needs and also your budget.

How to go about it?

delightful december

its getting harder to do these posts! but its because its hard to choose which happys to give center stage for the day.

today i choose………living in the woods!!!!!

we live in a small town in maine. i think our towns population is about 6,000+ spread over a gazillion square miles. most of it centered in town -12 miles away.

we have a few neighbors, but we don’t have to see them unless we want to. its quiet. the nearest highway is 15 miles or more away.

a perfect weekend is one where we don’t have to leave the “wink”. this weekend would be one of those.

thankfully the sun is beginning its journey back to us. this pic was taken at 1 pm today. the sun is so low in the southern horizon, it doesn’t even clear the trees.

today was sunny and cold. i think it got up to 30 maybe. it snowed a teeny tiny bit last night. tonight is supposed to be ccccold.

loves bubby

my kids were cute, but my grandsons are absolutely a thousand times cuter.

ethan is six months old now.

he is getting so big and has been eating food for a month now. sarah and i have been making his baby food ourselves and freezing it in little 3oz. containers i found. so far he’s worked through apples, bananas, pears, and peaches. we are going to add squash this week and probably peas next week. i’ve been using my food processor, but sarah just bought the baby bullet, so we’ll give that a try tomorrow.

he has a doctor appointment on tuesday, and sarah has asked me to go this time. he gets another round of shots, i guess and i think we are going to have a discussion about his clogged tear duct. it hasn’t opened up yet and the poor thing–his eye is glued shut each morning!!! she’s been trying to massage it since he was born, but its just being stubborn and he may have to have it surgically opened up.

yup, you can see why joey loves bubby!!! when i go to see joey i always take him a greek yogurt for a treat. the other day i also brought him sugar wafers and he likes them!

he is 17 months old now, not saying much yet, but his mouth goes non-stop! the day he says “bubby” i am just going to melt right onto the floor.

now this is living!

it is a light and fluffy snow-no rain mixed in thank goodness.

this is the first winter with just us two. no cars to clean off because ours fit nicely in the garage-finally!

we just let it howl and snow all day yesterday and stayed cozy in the house. then this morning when the sun came out we went out to clear.

i am looking forward to next winter–hopefully we will get a second snowblower so it won’t take so long.

i’m thinking that work is on for this afternoon. this week my hours went from 20 to 15 to 10 to 5 hopefully! but i got to spend a lot of quiet time the last few days with jeff and that is good. my cold is still hanging on but each day a little better.

i’m looking forward to going shopping tomorrow for clothes for our upcoming cruise–4 weeks from today we will be on our way to boston-miami-eastern caribbean! its beginning to feel real now and i’ve got a little anxiety about it, but i know that it is going to be an awesome vacation and i’m getting excited about it.

During our discussion

I also mentioned Leviathan and Rahab as cosmic opponents to God during an early state of creation. You weren’t familiar with Rahab, and claimed that Leviathan and Behemoth are both dinosaursStorage for toys. Since Behemoth has no mention outside of Job, I’ll ignore it, but Leviathan can’t be a dinosaur or any other natural creature. Psalm 74, for instance, refers to God crushing the “heads of Leviathan,” and Revelation picks up this imagery of the multi-headed dragon and applies it directly to Satan, a spiritual being opposed to God’s creation .

John never calls this dragon Leviathan, this is true, but Isaiah makes a prophesy that before God ushers in his time of eschatalogical peace, “The LORD with his cruel and great and strong sword will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent, Leviathan the twisting serpent, and he will kill the dragon that is in the sea” (Isa. 27:1). I’m curious to hear how you square that with the belief that Leviathan is a dinosaur. Even within the book of Job, Leviathan is mentioned in connection with cosmic upheaval, in chapter 3 where Job connects the “rousing of Leviathan” with the destruction of days past, of the moon and stars. It is difficult to understand why Job would mention a dinosaur (or a crocodile or any other animal) in this scopeotter box iphone case; but a cosmic enemy of God who threatens to throw creation into chaos makes perfect sense.

Finally, Rahab. I won’t belabor the point, but Rahab is presented in similar cosmic termsfashion men clothing wholesale, as an enemy that God successfully subdued and continues to subdue to maintain order in creation. Psalm 89 tells us that as Yahweh is sovereign over the raging sea [Yam], he also has “crushed Rahab like a carcass” and “scattered his enemies with his mighty arm.” According to Job 9, when Yahweh became angry, “the helpers of Rahab bowed beneath him.” The imagery again and again points to a cosmic warfare, between those God and those he had created, who tried to destroy creation, or at least throw it into chaos. It’s no wonder that the earth became formless and void (Gen 1:2), as God dealt decisively with a war in heaven.

You might ask why this is important, and I’ll give you two quick reasons. First, it is always damaging to scripture when we take one part (Gen 1-2) and elevate it over the rest of scripture’s witness. That’s where all sorts of doctrinal errors come from. Second, it establishes what kind of world we’re inhabiting. The question of evil is a serious problem if we’re inhabiting a world where God’s will is the only game in town.

If that’s true, and I was born crippled, then “God must have his reasons.” If, however, the world is a battleground between God and cosmic opponents (notably Satan), then I’m not an object lesson that God is using; I’m a casualty of war. Moreover, since it is a war God is going to win (has already won, in principle, in Christ’s resurrection), I have reason for hope and confidence, even in my suffering.

mashed cauliflour

i just had to share this. i pinned a recipe for mashed cauliflour. it said it was a good substitute for mashed potatoes

i changed the recipe a bit and everyone just loved it. my son in law did not know it wasn’t mash potatoes, and we did not tell him.

i steamed a large head of cauliflour

put it all in the food processor.

added 4 tablespoon of butter. (we love butter, but you could use olive oil)

i sauteed a few garlic cloves (minced) in butter and added that

i put it in a casserole dish and sprinkled some romano cheese on top.

really, really good, and since its cauliflour and not potatoes, much lower in calories and carbs.

it came out really smooth in the food processor.

So, why do I care?

Camilla, you can block me. You can do whatever, but I think you are missing the whole thing of what I am saying here. I’m trying to say to you that you can do something with your life, but you need to WANT to, and you need to understand that love doesn’t just let people destroy themselves. Your response to me in this tells me a whole lot more. And if we didn’t care about you and your family, do you think we would help you when you are in need or take you and Kenny to Sunday School when it is so many extra miles for us on a Sunday You are missing the whole point here, girlie. As far as sharing not being what you said, would you say that if I shared something like that? Come on, Camilla. You are smarter than that!

But she didn’t get a single line of the part that is italicized. It wouldn’t go through. She had already blocked me.

This is the message that came up:
You cannot reply to this conversation. Either the recipient’s account was disabled or its privacy settings don’t allow replies.

I think about the different ways our lives have been invested in this child and I wonder why I even care. From the very beginning, while her brother showed specific interest, she has steadfastly been difficult. She has tried to turn the hearts of our congregation against one of the other girls that has been coming to Sunday school, and has spread lies about another one. She has been rude and inconsiderate and so often vulgar and greedy and crude. She is a “taker” in every sense of the word.

So, why do I care?

Because, before God, I believe that it all is because of having to live so marginally while being given no hope, no reason to live better or example of the same. And I feel sorry that she took things the wrong way, here, too. Maybe she really doesn’t care, but I think she does.

Return from neverland…

Wow.. im actually updating.. all my great ideals about being faithful to xanga while i was gone disappeared. guess i just couldnt find the energy to sit down and write a update.. maybe its kinda like my personality where i like my space and like being in my box and dont feel inspired to let everyone around me know whats happening in my life is that selfish or what.. mostly i was probably to lazy well no matter how i look at it it doesnt look to bright for me so lets just say i returned from never land and not worry why she wasnt updating furniture storage

I returned safetly from the land of france which i was very overjoyed to be back to all my wonderful friends and family who i missed greatly but not enough that i didnt enjoy my time.. paris was a good experience and i had plenty of fun but i would say paris is overrated.. people or raised to walk around like they are superior with a pouty almost sad look on their face which makes u feel as tho you have to smile all the time to counter act them.. but im honestly amazed at how incredible some of the views are over there.. makes me wish that the poor little town of meadville would have a little more life to it a little more green parks and children friendly play centers so i could find interesting places to take my dear little chilliuns that i babysit.. paris does have wonderful food and a few wonderful people and in that i had a very good experience company registration Hong Kong..

Coming home 2 weeks ahead of the folks i work for gave me 2 weeks of relaxation and vacation so i spent the 2 weeks

hanging out with friends… Thanks karen and em for the wonderful evening at the dam Cable manufacturer..

going pymtuming with my family .. the lake was beautiful the family totally wonderful and mine and i wouldnt trade them for anything in the world.

. shopping in erie with my sister.. sisters are fabulous and honestly my favorite person to go shopping with to have a totally out all girls day out.. laugh untill you about cry over little incidents remember jokes that are only between the 2 of you and fit on cute clothes just for the kick and giggles of it.. so to my sis.. you are the bestest..

. spending time with my boyfriend… learning to know him better and amazed at the fact the more you learn to know someone the more there is to learn. but im amazed at how God works and how everything works out better then i could have ever imagined.. Derek is truely a treasure and for beyond my wildest dreams..

pymutuming with girlfriends.. spending time just with my incredible girlfriends.. boating getting drenched thanks em.. and just having a farewell for irene who will be going to mexico.. talking to her and praying for her made a very good day..

Spending 2 days down at my cuzins place.. where i had lots of good food and a wonderful day going tubing down the delaware river.. that was a wonderful time getting dropped off about 4-5 miles up the river and we went floating down the river for a bout 2.5 hours.. get sun exposure and goodtimes with my sister mom and cousins亞洲知識管理學院..

So with the memories of the past 2 weeks in mind i must prepare to go back to the life of working on monday morning to my dear little chilluns that amidst all the fun i desperately missed… so till later…